December 30, 2016 Melissa Ramirez

How Can You Get Full Value For Your Gift Cards?

By using your gift cards at the retailer who issued them!

We get this question regarding gift cards on the phone and in-store all the time. We also get customers who are under the impression that someone somewhere will pay full value for their cards. This is a common misconception in the cash for gift cards industry; but it shouldn’t be. The term ‘Gift Card Exchange’ is even a trending Google search term.

Apply some common sense and simple business acumen to this conversation.

The gift card business works like any other for profit business. We pay cash for your gift cards at some percentage of it’s value in order to sell it at a higher percentage and turn a profit. This works the same way at Wal-Mart. They buy your gallon of milk at a wholesale price and then sell it to you at a higher retail price in order to turn a profit. Otherwise, how could Gold Rush, or Wal-Mart, pay their employees? Or the power bill?


So, considering the above statement, why would anyone pay full value for your gift card? They wont. They can’t if they intend to make a profit. And most gift cards don’t trade anywhere near full value in any secondary market. Again, why would they? A savvy consumer looking to BUY a gift card wants a deal. She wants to pay $70 for a $100 T.J. Maxx gift card in order to save $30, or 30%, on her purchases. If she had to pay $100, or even $95, for that $100 gift card what would be the point?


There just simply is no other way to get full value for your gift card other than spending those funds at the retailer who issued your card.

So what is the advantage to selling your gift cards to Gold Rush? We give you instant cash. No checks – No electronic funds transfers that require you to give out your banking information – No waiting. You walk in with your unwanted and unused gift cards, a valid government issued ID, a few minutes of your time, and walk out with cold hard cash! The choice is always yours. We offer no-obligation, no-hassle, no-pressure cash offers on any gift card that we can buy. If you decide to sell, we do a little paperwork and you leave with your money. It’s really that simple.


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