How Can You Get Full Value For Your Gift Cards?

By using your gift cards at the retailer who issued them!

We get this question regarding gift cards on the phone and in-store all the time. We also get customers who are under the impression that someone somewhere will pay full value for their cards. This is a common misconception in the cash for gift cards industry; but it shouldn’t be. The term ‘Gift Card Exchange’ is even a trending Google search term.

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Cash For Gift Cards Right Now!

Gold Rush Will Pay Cash For Your Gift Cards…well, most of them!

Gold Rush is one of Colorado’s largest cash gift card buyers. 7 days a week, in all 6 Colorado Gold Rush locations, our Specialist will pay cash on the spot for gift cards from most major retailers. According to the Mercator Advisory Group, gift card spending in the United States has grown from $40 Billion in 2003 to well over $100 Billion in 2014. Some of the key data points from the study include…

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Our Customer Service with Gold Quality!

We have 6 metro Denver Gold Rush locations to better serve you.

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