December 6, 2016 Melissa Ramirez

Is The Gold Correction Over?

Is the gold correction over?

The gold business is a funny thing. We wake up in a new world every day. Gold is up, now it’s down. We rinse and repeat this cycle nearly every day of the year and hundreds of times throughout the day and night worldwide. Add to that chaos the fact that everybody is a “gold expert” and you have a global tug-of-war. The “experts” are fighting to control the perceptions of any investor who would even consider gold in their portfolio. And have no doubt that there is a big fat black line dividing the gold bugs and the naysayers.


At Gold Rush we tend to live on the pro-gold, or gold bug, side of the argument. We are heavily invested in the idea that gold is a true currency and the fiat currencies of the world will eventually fall. After all, various fiat currencies have repeatedly collapsed, hundreds if not thousands of times, throughout history.


We offer the public a no hassle, transparent, and quick method for turning their old and unwanted gold, silver, or platinum jewelry into cash. So articles like the one below, by Mac Slavo via and quoted from, are of great interest to us…


From Zero Hedge…


When gold exploded to the upside earlier this year amid the biggest New Year’s stock market panic in history, we noted that the bull market had awoken. And despite arguments to the contrary from mainstream financial pundits that gold and silver were not monetary metals and nothing but historical relics, it became apparent during the Brexit vote that precious metals were the assets of last resort during market panic. On the night of Presidential election, as it became clear that Donald Trump would become the leader of the free world, stock markets once again sold off. And just as had happened earlier this year, prices for physical gold and the companies that mine it skyrocketed in a matter of hours, this time to the tune of over $100 per ounce.


Be sure to watch the full interview from Bruce Bragagnolo Chairman of Inca One Gold Corp below or from the link:




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