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Gold Rush has been Colorado’s trusted source for selling gold, silver, precious metals, and diamonds for over 13 years. We currently have 7 stores in the state of Colorado and more to come. Here at Gold Rush, we have precious metals and diamond specialists ready to evaluate your items accurately and give you the ABSOLUTE HIGHEST PAYOUT. Our commitment to professional and personal service has made us #1 in Colorado! We are in the business of purchasing precious metals and diamonds in many forms, so please do not be afraid to bring in whatever you may have, no matter how strange it may be.


Selling your precious metals and jewelry may seem pretty straight forward, but there are many things to consider including where to sell. There are pawn shops, jewelers, and precious metals buyers, like us. All 3 of these price in a similar manner using the current market price of precious metals, called the spot price. The spot price for metals is always changing. Anyone you sell to will base the purchase price based on a percentage of the spot price. The big difference is in how much of a percentage someone will choose to pay.
Who pays the most? Here's the breakdown:

Pawn Shops are in the business of taking jewelry, tools, bicycles, chainsaws, and other items as collateral in exchange for loaning you money (pay attention the word LOANING). The pawnbroker holds your items until you pay back your loan... plus ridiculously high interest up to 20% per month, plus additional fees, depending on the state you're located in. The staff in most pawn shops typically don't hold specialized training or certifications in precious metals or diamonds such as GIA certifications, nor do they tend to have GIA graduates on staff, like Gold Rush. If you want to maximize the cash value of your precious metals and diamonds, we've made a very good point that a pawn shop may not be your best choice.

Jewelers - Their primary goal is to purchase fine jewelry at the lowest possible price, so they can mark it up to sell it back to someone else at 20-30 times the amount they pay you for it. In a lot of cases they aren't willing to purchase broken, bulk, vintage, or otherwise harder to sell items. They may only be willing to purchase trendy or high-demand items. But most are are limited in the cash value they will offer.

What Sets Gold Rush Apart
Here at Gold Rush we have the flexibility and a deep reserve of resources on hand to ensure the very highest payouts. We work intimately with an extensive global network of refineries, wholesalers, vintage specialists, antique specialists, coin specialists, and diamond specialists to be able to offer you the absolute highest payouts. 
Our Gold Rush Specialists are experts in assessing and buying precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones. They will demonstrate and explain to you the entire evaluation process from start to finish and make a no-obligation, all-cash offer for your gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and more. We hold the highest precious metals, diamond, and gemstone certifications and regularly receive training as industry technology advances.

We have worked extremely hard to create a comfortable, safe and discreet environment for our clients to sell their gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds for cash. Expect professional service and genuine expertise from our Specialists because that is exactly what you will receive. 

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