What We Buy

Gold   |   Silver   | Diamonds  Platinum  |  Palladium   

We are excited to evaluate anything you are interested in selling made of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium including diamond jewelry. 
  • Gold Rush offers a 100% no-obligation evaluation of anything you want to sell that you think might be valuable.
  • There is never any pressure to sell your items.
  • There is never a charge to evaluate items you bring to the Specialist’s desk and are interested in selling.
  • We pay you cash for used, damaged, bulk, and unwanted precious metal items. 

Precious metals are the foundation of Gold Rush’s outstanding success In Colorado. We pay you cash for literally anything made out of precious metals.  No item is too large or expensive, nor too small.

We Buy It All

Jewelry   |  Bullion   |  Coins   |   Dental Gold   |   Silverware     Scrap Precious Metals

We want your jewelry, dental gold, bullion, coin, rounds, tea sets, flatware, candlesticks, scrap precious metal, and much more. Whether it’s old, broken, ugly, or shiny and new we’ll pay you cash for it right now. We utilize cutting edge XRF x-ray technology at our Denver location, or elsewhere by appointment, in order to accurately purchase precious metals in odd, uncommon, and unique forms. Call ahead to determine if you need to schedule an XRF evaluation of your items: (303) 282-4651.