Our Buying Process

It’s good to know what to expect when you bring your items into any Gold Rush location. There will be no surprises. We build trust on transparency and you are always welcome to ask questions. Here is a quick breakdown of how our buying process works.

Testing Your Precious Metals & Diamonds

All precious metals and diamonds are weighed and tested for purity and quality. This testing process may be quick and simple or detailed and lengthy, depending on the number of items you have. We try to get you out the door within 20 minutes, but it may take a little longer in some cases. The testing process works in your favor because you may think you have a chain made of 10K gold, when the purity is actually 18K gold (these markings can look very similar after years of wear). 

Calculate the Value

Our in-house buying software is a highly sophisticated, proprietary system. By entering the weight and purity of each item, the program uses live, real-time, current market prices to calculate the final valuation.

No-Obligation Offer

There’s no fee or charge for getting your items evaluated — ever. The free evaluation is a service we offer to all of our customers. We use all steps in the valuation process to calculate the final offer, and we stand behind our statement that we offer the HIGHEST PAYOUTS.

Accepting Our Offer

When you accept our offer, you’ll need to provide a state-issued identification. This could be a Driver’s License, Identification card, or Passport. We’ll copy the information from your identification so that it can be included on the final paperwork, as required by state and local law.

Sign the Paperwork

You will be required to sign a purchase form. This purchase form represents that the items you are selling are indeed yours to sell and you’ve agreed to the price offered. This provides us — and you — extra protection against items being sold without your permission.

Choose Cash or Wire Transfer

It's your choice... Once the paperwork is completed, we can pay you in cash or a wire transfer. We are happy to accommodate you in any way we can. We do not write checks.

Our process is simple and transparent. If you have any questions or need further clarification give us a call at (303) 282-4651.